Exploring: Presentation Tools

20170621_013218900_iOSI know. I know you’re cringing. You read “presentation tools” and you thought “UGH POWERPOINT.” I promise, this is a PowerPoint free zone!

This week was so fun, I got to spend some time exploring some new-to-me presentation tools: emaze, Haiku Deck, Prezi, and Blendspace.

Take a peak below for my thoughts on a few of these tools!

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prezi screen shot

Prezi: Let’s start with Prezi, I have no recollection of this, but apparently I did make a Prezi account 4 years ago. One thing I really like about prezi is the movement, leading your eye from one section to another is very engaging and could be helpful for creating a hierarchy of information. I started working on a presentation, and it’s still in the works – but I hit my frustration level fairly early. I need to spend a lot more time with Prezi and I will, but after about half an hour I decided to move on.

Haiku Deck: I was instantly drawn to the name of this program. It’s very user friendly with lots of options. Honestly, it was a lot of fun to work with. Look at what happens when you click the help button!


It’s so student friendly and would also be great for some of our educators with technology anxiety.

Free accounts have some fairly significant limitations: you can only create 3 decks (or presentations) and your decks are public.

Upgrade to Pro? A lot of cool features are unlocked with the pro version: You can insert YouTube videos and narrate your presentation and export it as a video which would be great for a flipped classroom or students on home bound or home based instruction.

The price point is fair – 4.99/mo for an Education account and 8.95 a month for a Classroom account – up to 150 student accounts. ย For most educators, I feel like a free account would be adequate. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that this isn’t the best tool to choose for sharing personal information (about me, my summer vacation) because it will be public.

Emaze: Catchy title! I chose to create a very simple presentation with emaze to get a feel for the program. There are hundreds of free templates to use for inspiration. It’s a very versitle program. Not only can you create presentations, but you can create websites, blogs, and photo albums.

emaze options

Honestly, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I know I want to use this in my classroom. Here is my tragically simple presentation on how to classify triangles.

emaze translate

The coolest feature I found was that you can translate your presentation into other languages. This is AMAZING. I translated my presentation into French but there are SO many language options, look!

emaze language options


Ultimately, this is why I am most drawn to emaze, My school has a booming and extremely diverse ESL population.




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