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LSB - QR Codes

Happy Monday, friends! Just a quick post on QR codes before I head off to Norfolk!

I’ll be honest, when QR codes started appearing I thought they were kind of neat, but the novelty wore off quickly and my general response since then has been a slight eye roll. However, after revisiting the idea of QR codes in the classroom, I’m kind of jazzed about using them!

I chose QRCode Monkey to create my own QR Code that links to my Twitter – which is perfect since we’ll be using twitter over the next few days at Summer Institute.


There are so many things to love about QRCode Monkey. You can customize colors, shape, and even add a logo.

Ideas for QR Codes in the Classroom:

  • Create QR codes for audio versions of books (or assessments)
  • Assign group roles via QR codes
  • Create a dynamic QR code for daily warm ups or homework assignments
  • QR codes with answer keys so students can check their work

At my school, there are QR codes to help identify the large variety of trees we have on campus created by a Biology II class.

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2 Replies to “Exploring: QR Codes”

  1. I love the idea of using QR codes for warm ups. Your graphic at the beginning of this post is great. I am going to follow you now on Twitter!


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