AASL Best Websites for Teaching & Learning

LSB - AASL WebsitesHi friends! We’re in the final stretch of the semester.

Every year the American Association of School Librarians posts a list of the best websites and tools for use in the library or classroom. It made my heart hurt a little bit to see Google Reader listed for 2009, but I was pretty excited to see that I had been exposed to a handful of the best of the best!

Here are three new-to-me websites that I’m looking forward to using this year.

Listenwise: You know how excited I get about podcasts, so this is the first site I chose to explore and it ended up being one of my favorites. A lot of the premium features look awesome, especially the interactive transcripts and ELL supports. However, most educators will be satisfied with the free version – it supplies the podcast paired with listening comprehension questions, class discussion questions, and an assessment on Socrative. The topics are interesting. A few classroom suggestions:

The options aren’t limited to science, there are plenty of options for social studies, government, and English classes too!

ClassHook: This is amazing! ClassHook finds interesting videos clips that are relevant to what you are teaching.

You can use them as an interest builder, discussion starter, or just to clarify a topic. You can search by topic or browse your content area. To get an idea, check out this clip from American Dad! on Iran Contra or a clip from Shrek to introduce Logic.

Cite This for Me: Yes! While websites that create accurate citations for you are not new, the design on Cite This for Me is clean and very user friendly with a Word – like layout. You choose your citation method and get to work. It even lets you add quotes and shows you exactly how to cite the source in-text.

CTFM snip

This website will be useful in so many classrooms and I think students will like it because there’s very little room for error and the site is so user friendly and familiar.

I’ve already bookmarked the AASL resource and can’t wait to spend a little time in August discovering more great websites. I do think it’s worth noting that I was surprised at the number of websites mentioned on the AASL list that are no longer functioning. It really shows just how quickly this game is changing and how as educators, we have to work hard to keep up!

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